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Most of us never consider the possibility that our bridges, highways or tunnels would be unsafe. The Department of Transportation is primarily responsible for working with state and local governments to establish minimum safety standards.
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US Transportation Security AdminThere are three distinct groups within the Department of Tranportation that help provide safe transportation on our highways, bridges and in our tunnels. Each group serves a specific function and provides vital information. They are:

Consumer division - the consumer division provides safety information for consumers regarding high-speed rail, boating safety, biking safety and provides information about accessibility. This division also works with individuals who are interested in aviation licenses. Additional information is provided on cruises, air travel and maritime regulations that may impact consumers. This is also a good place to investigate accessibility of various forms of transportation.

Business division - the business division provides information regarding trucking safety and airport safety. These rules cover such things as required rest times, minimum safety rules and rules regarding hazardous material transportation. In addition, business owners may make required payments to government agencies through the DOT website. Some businesses may be able to find grant opportunities that are available from the department.

Government division - this division works with various government agencies on a state and local level. They help by providing grants and other financing for large projects such as bridges, highway repairs and hazardous material handling training. In addition, they help with boating safety grants, pipeline grants (where applicable) and railroad rehabilitation.

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