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At some time or another, all homeowner's and business owner's are faced with the high cost of heating and cooling. Whether you are trying to save money on new appliances, a new heating system or simply on your monthly energy bills, there are several ways the Department of Energy can help.
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About the Dept. of Energy: Saving Money & Going Green

US Department of Energy sealFed up with the high cost of heating or cooling? Here are just a few of the tips that are recommended by the Department of Energy.

Home Energy Audits - Contact local organizations that offer energy audits free or at a low cost. Home energy audits can help you determine if you need new insulation, new windows or simply need to seal leaky areas around existing doors and windows.

Saving on Appliances - Learn more about energy efficient appliances for your home or business. Information about new innovations in home and business heating systems can be easily and quickly researched.

Learn about Green Technology - Green technology using fossil fuels, learn about the benefits and drawbacks of electric vehicles, and more. Whatever information you need, the Department of Energy offers plenty of information.

College Students can Save Too - Help your college student learn more about the area they will be living in. Learn about the various programs available for energy savings and what green programs exist in their new neighborhood.

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