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DC Universe OnlineBatman, Superman, Flash and Wonder Woman – all are famous superheroes in the DC Universe (DCU), which is, in fact, a shared universe concept propagated by DC Comics. Here, all DC comic book characters co-exist, which is why you will find a Batman-Superman duumvirate or an alliance between different DC characters, whose powers are different, but the goal is one – to vanquish miscreants and trouble-mongers.

With the advent of technology, DC Universe shifted its base to a virtual world. The recent Mortal Kombat vs. DCU is the best example of a full-fledged 3D DC Cosmos, where most characters engage in a fierce battle with MK characters. And now, with the launch of DC Universe Online, things seem pretty huge and welcoming for DC fans. This new MMORPG offers a complete entertaining universe full of DC protagonists and antagonists. The guide provides information, reviews and updates on everything associated with the DCU, including previews, hints, cheats and walkthroughs.

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