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Charles Darwin and His Theory of Evolution

The Charles Darwin theory of evolution has been receiving extensive scrutiny and discussion, amid much controversy, since it was developed overDarwin Research Station 130 years ago. Darwin's theory of evolution, natural selection, and a better understanding of genetics were melded together to form the current widely accepted modern evolutionary synthesis. If you're trying to find information about Charles Darwin or his theory of evolution, you can use this guide to find Bright Hub articles about a variety of related topics, like genetics and natural selection, understanding extinction of plant and animal species, and lesson plans or learning activities related to the Charles Darwin theory of evolution.


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Understanding Extinction Past, Present, and Future: A Look at the Various Species of Plants and Animals That Have Become Extinct Over the Past 100 Years

Six animals and four plants are presented as representatives of the many species that have become extinct since 1910. Their extinction is due to stresses brought about by hunting, habitat...

Animal Science Projects Using 'Astonishing Animals'

For some, animal science projects are an easy option when it comes to teaching science in elementary school. But with a few good non fiction science books in hand, inquiry learning...

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Paternal Behavior of Animals

Recent interests in animal paternal behavior are about the extra-ordinary traits of some animals in their roles as parents. The idea of cross fertilization is being promoted in symposiums...

What Is Eugenics?

When one hears the term “eugenics” horrid images of WWII Germany come to mind, as well as the racist campaigns of the United States to prevent the mixing of what was at...