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I personally hated the daily quests when I played WoW, especially when I got to the point where the only things left to do at 80 were those or raids/instances, which is hard to do when your guide is in a different time zone. While I understand their purpose, I found them tedious and a chore to do.
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Daily Quests in MMO Gaming

Daily quests or dailies, as players will call them, are those repeatable quests that gamers can do on a daily basis within a video game.Guide to Understanding Daily Quests at Bright Hub Usually a standard in most MMO video games, daily quests can also be found in many RPGs and can be used in a variety of ways. For some players, these quests are the path to more gold or even reputation status with a faction or town; for others, these quests are to be avoided in order to actually do the quests that matter to your goals of leveling or instances.

In this guide, we'll check out some daily quests from some of the most popular of MMOs.

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