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Message from the Editor:
Introduced to Curious George on my first trip to the local library, I read every book in the series at that time. As a teacher and mother, I find Curious George to be an excellent tool in teaching children about decision making, responsibility and unconditional love.

Activities and Lesson with Curious George


Margret and Hans Augusto Rey authored and illustrated the popular children's book series, Curious George. Curious George, the monkey is the main character of the stories, all of which teach lessons for life. Children enjoy reading about George's antics. Parents welcome the lessons in responsibility and decision-making. Educators utilize Curious George as a teaching tool in everything from language arts to math and science. Curious George, the monkey whose mischief always ends in the unconditional acceptance of the Man with the Yellow Hat, touches upon numerous themes. This guide offers parents, teachers as well as readers, who enjoy the stories of Curious George, the monkey, lessons for life, lesson plans, activities and even memorable quotes.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons/Susan Strener/Public Domain