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I never quite understood how being able to spout random facts helped one succeed in the real world. That's because it doesn't. What teachers need to teach and what students need to learn is how to think critically.
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Gone are the days when teachers were the lone depository (or in some cases, a suppository) of information to whom young scholars turned for help. Knowledge has become accessible for all. The job of teachers now is to help students gain critical thinking skills. These skills include the following:

  • solving problems
  • comparing and contrasting
  • drawing conclusions
  • analyzing cause and effect
  • distinguishing between fact and opinion
  • making predictions
  • using supporting evidence
  • applying knowledge
  • finding alternative solutions
  • forming an argument
  • debating
  • recognizing author or speaker's purpose

A learner who knows how to apply these critical thinking skills becomes a lifelong learner, capable of solving problems and making sense of a world wallowing in information overload.girl thinking

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