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Creative writing is akin to breathing for me. A poet and writer since childhood, I hold a Master's in Education in Reading and Writing, have published two books of poetry as well as several prizes for writing. Giving writers and teachers sound resources is one of my prime objectives.
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Traveling Through the Creative Writing Realm

432px-Lesser Ury Frau am Schreibtisch 1898

For many, traveling through the creative writing realm equates to waltzing through enchanted forests where emotions are seen, tasted, heard and smelled. Writers on this journey, often, find themselves in need of inspiration. Teachers of creative writing need new twists on old material.

This guide passes through the land of writing prompts, up the hills and mountaintops of creative writing degrees and through the rich valleys of lesson plans. Learn to develop a writing portfolio, a tool that all writers need to carry with them as they trek through the realm. Discover how to use artwork and photographs to encourage the Muse in students as well as in your own writing. Enjoy the challenge of using literary devices such as alliteration to spice up writing. Regardless of what road you follow in this guide, the creative writing realm is sure to inspire, encourage and enlighten!

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