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The Complete Guide to the Confederate Army

Have you ever wondered what hard tack is or how it tasted? Or what the name of General Lee's favorite horse was? If so, you are probably interested in all things related to the Confederate Army. Let's discover the answers to these questions, and uncover some other little known facts about the Confederate States army.

Confederate Army

In our extensive library, you'll find articles from Bright Hub experts on every conceivable aspect of the Confederate civil army. For instance, we'll provide timelines and chronologies to help you put events and people in the proper perspective. You can mull over battle plans, maps, and strategies, or just browse through histories and biographies. Want to find the Museum of the Confederacy? We'll point you in the right direction. Need to know civil war facts and statistics? It's all here.

Here's a small sampling of the topics covered:

  • Uniforms, weaponry, camp life, and battlefield hazards
  • Generals, officers, and enlisted men
  • Victories, defeats, and medals
  • Heroes, deserters, and traitors

No matter what your level of interest in the army of the Confederate states, this guide is designed to be your ultimate source.

Image Credit/Wikimedia Commons/:Public Domain