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Computer viruses have been around for as long as computers have been around. So my interest comes from the fact that many computer changes have developed as a reaction to those threats. They even affected the development of operating systems. So I am interested in software that has a big PC impact.
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The Nature of Computer Viruses

Computer viruses are short programs that cause the computer or programs running on the computer to do things that are not normal. They can erase files, erase hard drives, cause the computer to stop working, cause it to reboot, and send e-mail to multiple users. They can allow hackers to take over control of a computer without the owner even aware of it, through the use of trojans, programs pretending to be something innocent, but hiding something dangerous. A virus can be a source of destruction, or just an annoying nuisance, like a worm that infects the system. Either way it can be mildly unpleasant or worse, a work-stopping malware program; it can be a hardware compr0miser. This Bright Hub guide to computer viruses will give the reader information about the history, types of viruses, and how to protect against them.

Fake Parking Tickets Lead to Computer Virus

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