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I have used Comodo's products for a long time. I personally think the firewall from Comodo is very good; I also use their free email signature that allows me to digitally sign and encrypt my emails. Compared to other products in the related fields, I have always found Comodo to be the best.
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The Bright Hub Guide to Comodo Products

Comodo backup free data backupCompared to most of the security companies, Comodo is a new entrant into the field of computer and Internet security. Because of its effective products, the company gained popularity quickly.

The company develops some of the best security software available. Their lineup includes an Internet Security Suite - both paid and free versions, free antivirus, free firewall, digital signatures for email and many a corporate solutions. It also offers computer junk file cleaners and registry optimizers. The firewall offered by the company is one of the best in the world.

This guide offers a collection of reviews and comparisons of Comodo products. Read on to find out why you should use these products.

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