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For me, the communist party of the USSR is a bit of history for me, as I was living when Reagan and Gorbachev met. I was still a kid, but I remember that moment of watching the Berlin Wall being broken down. Anyone can see it now, but then, it was historic.
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When people think of a communist party, the former soviet union may often come to mind or that of still communist China, but while theseGuide to Communist Party two countries may be known for their communist regimes, they aren't the only communist parties out there. In general, a communist party is that of any political party that advocate a communistic form of government for their countries and citizens. The term comes from a work by Karl Marx, written in 1868.

Currently, there are three major communist factions within the world today - that of Cuba, Vietnam, and China - with the People's Republic of China holding the largest number of members.

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