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For every high school graduate ready to enter the collegiate world, it's important to have a one-stop research place that can answer their questions as well as parent questions. That's what I aim to do here in the Bright Hub guide.
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A College Students' Guide

A Guide to College LifeWhen it’s time for you to start your college career, is there one place you can get all the information you need? The answer is a resounding yes—right here on Bright Hub’s guide to college students.

If you have questions on the best college research guides, need to know about the FASFA form and how that all works, and even find the right career path, we’ve got the answers you seek. Learn how to save money on all types of apartment or dorm expenses and how to choose the right PC or laptop before you hit the campus.

If you are looking at going to college abroad, no problem, in this one-stop college student guide, you’ll find the tips you need.

Finally, college can be a scary place so find out the latest on social networking sites and how to keep your college life private. If you’re working through college, we also offer suggestions on how to blend both school and work and still make the grade.

Need a guide to term papers or want to understand what professors look for as far as plagiarism? Then Bright Hub’s college guide is the one place that will make this next step in your life much easier.

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