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Have you ever wondered what organic, fair trade coffee really means? Or what plants benefit from coffee grounds as fertilizer? Where exactly does that cup of joe orginate? You can find answers to these questions and more with these articles written by Bright Hub authors.Topic experts can explain coffee types, fair trade, origins, roasting methods, and even what you can do with those used grounds instead of throwing them away.

Here is a collection of new titles and reader favorites surrounding one of America's favorite passions: coffee! Feel free to add to our community with your own comments and questions.

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Which Plants Benefit from Coffee Grounds as Natural Fertilizer?

Coffee grounds are a useful and "green" way to increase the acidity of soil and provide plants with a greater supply of nitrogen for free or next to nothing. Learning how to...

How Converting Coffee Bean Grinds into Biodiesel is Possible

What do you think of the sources of bio-diesel? It is surprising, but when we humans are pushed, we are indeed competent. New sources of alternative energy are being found almost...

Improve Your Garden With Used Coffee Grounds

Used coffee grounds contain nutrients in the form of nitrogen and other minerals. They can be reused in various ways to help improve your garden. Learn more about this low-cost way...

Coffee Can Fuel More Than Just Your Body

If scientists can work it out, you may be able to put your espresso in your car!...

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The Best Organic Whole Bean Coffee Brands

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