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Guide to Clean Water: What's New & What Can You Do?

Esalen Institute Courtesy Worrell WaterShould you buy a water purifying system and if so which ones are rated best? How can you teach your kids to be eco-conscious when it comes to water preservation? Read interviews from green project managers who are implementing waste reclamation water sustainable systems into hotels, schools, and other organizations all over the world.

Water experts tell us our greatest resource—water, is often overlooked in preservation and conservation and the time is now for all of us to consider greywater systems, rain barrel catching, and the best ways to reduce the cost of large cities and towns for purifying water.

What is the Living Machine® and will this new clean water technology help to implement lessons and uses in schools and businesses? Read about the Hydro Secure II® system and how is it able to keep our drinking water safe in the event of an hazardous intrusion? If you’re looking for answers for either small scale or large scale clean water solutions, get the facts right here on Bright Hub.

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