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Guide to Christmas Around the World: Celebrations, Customs, and Lesson Resources

How tall, exactly, is the world's largest Christmas tree? Well, according to ABC News, the tree is 161 feet tall, and located in Coeur D'Alene, Idaho. While your family's tree may not be that tall, you still want it decorated in high holiday style, and you will find lots of tips, techniques, and resources in this handy guide.


In addition to helping you deck out your tree, we'll answer some frequently asked questions (FAQ's) about everything related to this holiday. From celebrations to customs to educational resources, you'll enjoy a round-the-world look at this holiday. Browse our extensive resource library for articles on topics like:

  • Decoration ideas
  • Cards and crafts
  • Best and worst gifts, books, movies, recipes, and games
  • How to throw cheap parties and lavish parties
  • Lesson plans, unit studies, art projects, worksheets, and coloring pages

Bookmark this guide so you can check it frequently - we'll be updating it regularly with up-to the minute information.

Image Credit/Wikimedia Commons/Soloxsalerno/GFDL

Sources: ABC News, "Lighting the World's Biggest Christmas Tree," 12/2007

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