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Every goal of a video game is to become the smartest or strongest of characters within the gameplay, especially those of action adventure games. Sadly, all my WoW characters are just sitting around not leveling, though I am working on getting the levels in two video games currently.
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Character Level Guide: Articles & Information

Video games in generally have a specific goal for which the player needs to achieve in order to finish and beat the game. In actionCharacter Level Guide: Articles & Information adventure games and those of MMORPGs the goal is heightened by players leveling their characters; the higher the character, the more quests, weapons, and special tools are offered.

In this character level guide, the writers, editors, and contributors of Bright Hub bring to you the articles and information in order to help players level to their highest point. Read feature articles and information regarding several character level games, such as Titan Quest, World of Warcraft, and Dragon Age.

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