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I of course enjoy the ability to create a character that I can create from ground up. I really think the Sims technology is the leader in making the creation of a character very personalized (I've made myself and friends in all three series), but I do know that the ability is continuing to grow.
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Guide to Character Customization

Character cumstomization has continually grown as video games become more and more realistic. Most games will have a character inGuide to Character Customization which the player controls, but there are only a few in which the character is a creation of the player itself. Many MMORPG games, like Star Trek Online and others, like The Sims series, allows for total creation of a character from the player, allowing for the chosing of eye color, hair style, height, and even weight.

In this guide, we'll look at the growth of character customization, what abilities players have in a variety of games, what this does for the player and the game they are playing, and where this technology will take us into the future.