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Guide to Understanding CCleaner

CCleanerTired of all the junk your PC has accumulated? CCleaner removes garbage from your PC, and is the perfect way to delete unwanted files and optimize performance. Coded in C++, this utility adapts to all 64-bit versions of the Microsoft Windows Operating System, and comes in 30 different languages, without spyware or adware. This powerful utility removes all unwanted files, deletes unwanted programs, removes adware and spyware, and even deletes registry entries securely. To top it all, it is a freeware.

The CCleaner guide at BrightHub contains a host of reviews on CCleaner and its functionalities, how to remove malware, how to remove junk from your hard disk, how to delete files safely, and optimize performance and more. It also includes related articles such as Windows 7 CleanUp utilities.

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