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Corvette Morgue FileTired of searching the Internet for information on car manufacturers, the latest deals, how to buy or repair a car? Well look no further because here at Bright Hub, we’ve got all you need in this information-packed guide to automakers, what’s new, and even a large variety of DIY mechanic repair tips.

Our writers cover topics from how to buy or finance a new or pre-owned car to how to perform a transmission flush to the latest news on hybrid and alternative fuel technologies. Plus our expert writers include auto technology experts, alternative fuel techies and even dealership owners.

Whether you’re looking for what’s hot from car manufacturers, information on recalls, or even a topic as simple as how to change a flat tire, you’ll find it all in one place—the Bright Hub Guide to Car Manufacturers!

Browse one of the many topics in this guide or use our handy search tool to find the information you need now.

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