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Years ago some family members were diagnosed with cancer. Some survived with treatment, others, despite the treatment, did not. Healthy people that had never acted irrationally from a health point of view came down with cancer, and some who were not careful, health wise did not. Why did this occur?
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Healthy cells create healthy cells. But sometimes they fail and become mutations, leading to a cell that acts in ways that destroys healthy cells. This is cancer. For a long time doctors and scientists did not know what caused cancerous cells. Sometimes they believed that it was an inherited condition, a family trait. But at other times the belief was that cancer was caused by the environment. Too much exposure for too long a time could take an otherwise safe and harmless activity or object into a dangerous one, and one that could lead to cancer. What was even more dangerous was that the exposure would not have dire consequences until years later, so one could believe that there was no danger at all. At Bright Hub, explore more articles on the causes of cancer, as well as the different types of cancers and what treatments are available.

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