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Guide to Cafe World

Cafe WorldFollowing the success of FarmVille in social networking sites like Facebook, Zynga launched Café World, a restaurant simulation social game with gameplay elements similar to popular games like Diner Dash and Restaurant Empire. With cutesy 3D graphics and simple gameplay mechanics, this restaurant sim game became an instant hit in social networking sites like Facebook.

In Café World, the main objective is to manage a café by performing various tasks, such as preparing and serving foods to customers and other sundry tasks. You will have to earn money to upgrade your cafe into a larger and successful restaurant. You will also have to create your own recipes and serve them to your customers.

Just like FarmVille, Café World has many cheats and tricks in its kitty. This guide has everything you need to know, from in-depth reviews, basic tips and strategies for play on Facebook and key cheats and hints to earn more money.