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As a former social worker and substitute teacher, Genevieve has worked with children and youth who were struggling with society’s beliefs about how they “should” look as opposed to how they did look. Even something as innocent as skin tone influenced how one child felt about herself.
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Am I Fat? Guide to Body Image Issues

Getting and Staying Fit FDP Credit photostock“Body Image.” Two simple words, one complex issue. So, what do you do when you don’t like how you look, but you are healthy and not overweight?

The “Barbie Doll” image of a very slender waist, long, slender legs, tiny feet and “well-endowed” breasts is unrealistic. Look at the covers of fashion magazines for teenagers and women--the models on the front are very slender, if not thin to the point of illness. Some models have died as the result of illnesses caused by their eating disorders.

Instead of going on a diet that risks your good health, concentrate on eating moderate amounts of nutritious foods--your bones, hair and skin will respond. Exercise a minimum of three times per week, for 30 minutes at a time. Drink plenty of water. For more information, read our Bright Hub guides.

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