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Biodiversity Among Fungi (by Sasata - CC-A-SA 3.0)Biodiversity can refer to genetic diversity within a species, species diversity within an ecosystem, ecosystem diversity within a region, or all three of them taken together. In each case, it's a combination measure of the total number of genes, species, or ecosystems (called "richness") and their abundances relative to each other.

For example, an ecosystem where one species comprises 99% of the total number of individuals isn't very diverse, even if there are hundreds of other species in the other 1%. Likewise, high genetic diversity within a species is crucial to how well it can adapt to changing environmental conditions - and its survival in the long term.

Biodiversity has become an increasingly important part of policy planning for issues in resource and environmental conservation. The loss of biodiversity has an impact in other areas, like medicine and bioinformatics. Learn more about all aspects of biodiversity with the articles below.

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