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Yoga brings about an alignment of mind, body, and spirit that gives dedicated practitioners an even keel glow when they use their heart and soul to achieve their poses. I'm a huge proponent of any yoga and encourage people to experience the effects and equanimity it can bring about.
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Guide to Bikram Yoga

Bikram ChoudhuryThis Bikram Yoga guide plugs you into a comprehensive database of informative articles written by Bright Hub's gifted experts and enthusiasts. Find out who founded this popular type of yoga and why it's somewhat controversial with yoga purists. But you're likely more interested in what it's all about, so this guide enlightens you as to the 26 specific poses that are performed in sequence in a hot yoga studio where the temperature and many other aspects of the class are mandated. There is a patent on Bikram Yoga, so you'll learn why it's different from what is generally known as hot yoga.This guide will link you to an article telling you approximately how many calories yoga of the Bikram variety will burn and of course, list all the other benefits and the philosophy behind it. Learn everything you need to know before deciding if this is the kind of yoga you want to get down on the mat with.

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