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I have been an avid game player for years. I love RPG's! Playing on many consoles and on the PC is a nice way to spend off hours. There are many games out there, however some stand out as the best of the best. Writing and game playing together are two of my favorite pastimes. Game on!
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Guide to the Best RPGs

800px-Aquaria - Screenshot 03Who doesn't love a great game? RPG's, first person shooter games and the adventure genre are all popular types of games geared for the video lover at heart. With so many, which are the best RPG titles? Which are the best adventure games? Follow the expert writers on Bright Hub to find cheats, tips and reviews of the newest titles. Content writers research the top of the line games and give you a detailed understanding of the game to help you find the best RPG's on the market and help you get through them as well with walk-thru's or tips. Games for every console, every phone application and PC game coverage can be found on Bright Hub. Read about your favorite game and keep on gamin'!