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Grizzly Bear sow and cub in Shoshone National Forest publicdomainThere are seven species of bears from the American Black bear to the Polar bear. The height and weight of bears can vary according to the species but these animals are large and powerful. Bears are hungry scavengers and their keen sense of smell leads them to nearby food. Grizzly bears are typically brown in color. They are mostly solitary animals. Although grizzly bears are predators much of their diet consists of nuts, berries and fruit. Black bears are very vocal, using sound and body language to express themselves. Polar bears live in the Arctic and eat mostly seals. Polar bears have no natural predators other than humans.

And of course there are bears in popular culture, including teddy bears, winnie the pooh and others. Learn more about these magnificent animals in this informative guide to bears.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons Public Domain

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