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Guide to Autism: What It is and Where to Find Help

According to the Autism and Developing Disabilities Monitoring Network (ADDM), one in every 110 children will be identified as having autism spectrum disorders (ASDs). That one child could be yours, and the need for information, resources, and increased awareness is huge. Autism

In this guide, we’ll provide you with a copious library of resources like:

  • ASD awareness information like definitions of ASD and the different types, levels, and stages
  • Symptom checklists, and tips on recognizing early signs and characteristics
  • Information about treatment options like medication, therapy, alternative treatments, pet therapy, or hippo therapy.
  • Teaching tools like task boxes, social story books, and reward charts
  • Commonsense ways to deal with behavior and aggression issues

These are just a few of the many valuable articles and tools you’ll find to help you and your family in your daily adaptation to the world of ASDs.


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, ADDMCommunity Report 2009, accessed 07/23/2010

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