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asp.netMicrosoft developed ASP.NET as a successor to Active Server Pages in 2001. Since then ASP.NET has grown as one of the most preferred web application framework for programmers to build dynamic web sites, web applications and web services.

The Bright Hub guide to ASP.NET contains a series of well-written articles on all aspects of the application, including how-tos, various functionality, advantages of using ASP.NET, explanation of concepts, and much more. The wide range of article suits all readers, ranging from beginners to advanced programmers. Each article has an active comments section frequented by the ever-helpful writers, editors, subject experts and other enthusiasts, where you can seek additional information or clarify doubts.

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Simplify Gathering User Input with the ASP.NET DropDown List Control

Users often prefer selecting choices on Web forms to typing information. For example, why require a user to type Yes or No, when a simple checkbox will accomplish the same thing?...

Learn to Use the Label Control in this ASP.NET Tutorial

There are two types of Web controls in ASP.NET used for displaying preset text on Web sites—Literal and Label. Using the latter with ASP.Net opens up additional possibilities...

Use Master Pages in ASP.NET for a More Functional Alternative to Web Page Templates

Web page templates in Web development software use static HTML design. ASP.NET’s version of templates uses Master Pages. With these you can add Web controls and server-side executable...

Use ASP.NET/Visual Web Designer GridView Tool in Relational Database Design

ASP.NET includes several data source Web controls to display and edit data retrieved from a database. Besides these simple controls ASP.NET also includes specialized view controls such...

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What the ASP.NET Platform is Used For and Reasons Why

An overview of ASP.NET and its most common applications on the web. Also, a look into why it's used over other web development platforms....

Learn to Send Emails with ASP.NET (C#)

If you are creating a .net web site or application, it might be important to learn how to send emails from within your web site. There are several different reasons this could come...