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Apple Computer Inc. began in 1976 as a California technology startup. It has since grown to become a major international companyApple Inc. (Apple Computer)with sales numbers in the tens of billions of dollars. In 2007, Apple Computer Inc. removed the “computer” from its name to reflect its growing product diversity.

Throughout its existence, Apple Inc. has differentiated itself from other computer makers by producing computers with a unique and sophisticated appearance known for their high quality and performance. Its Macintosh product line encompasses a variety of computers that represent the only major commercial alternative to the ubiquitous PC platform.

Since the release of its iPod music player in 2001, Apple Computer has evolved into a manufacturer of consumer electronics devices that in many ways have overshadowed its core computer products. The Apple iPhone revolutionized the cell phone market beginning in 2007 and its Apple iPad portable media tablet device made its debut in 2010, perhaps forever transforming mobile computing.

Right here you have a wealth of information about Apple Computer (Apple Inc.). From product reviews, company news, “how to” guides, and tips for troubleshooting and tweaking, you will find this Bright Hub guide to be the ultimate resource for all things Apple.

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