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The Complete Guide to Android OS: Phones, Apps, Games and Tutorials

android-osThe Android mobile OS by Google is the fastest growing mobile platform in the world. This operating system can be found on phones created by several manufacturers including HTC and Motorola, and these "Android smartphones" are quickly building known within the mobile industry as having some of the best hardware specs.

Bright Hub has some of the best guides to Android OS phones available. You can find lists of the best smartphones to choose from, with detailed reviews and specifications. And once you choose your phone, you can also find reviews of the best apps and games, tutorials on how to install them, and tips on how to play them!

Want to upgrade your Android OS and aren't sure how? Our tutorials will walk you through the steps.

And, for the advanced mobile technology enthusiast, This guide also offers several Adroid developer tutorials which you can use to make your own apps and games. Discover this, and more, from the most recent and most popular articles listed below in Bright Hub's complete guide to Android OS.

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