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I played Allods Online for a little - basically while waiting for Cataclysm - and I was kinda of two minds about it. On the good hand, it was an easy to learn and understandable game, with great graphics; the downside was that I didn't feel there were many areas for exploration. It got boring quick.
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Article Guide to Allods Online

Allods Online is an online MMORPG in the vein of popular World of Warcraft, featuring the standard of MMORPGs like questing,Article Guide to Allods Online dungeons, PvP, and NPCs. Allods has been raved for it's outstanding graphics, combat system, and performance, as well as the engaging quests that are presented to players.

Allods takes place in a mystical world known as the Astral, featuring a unique ability for players in the construction of ships and sail around the world, enabling for ship to ship conflicts.

In this guide to Allods Online, we'll look at the game itself, including gameplay, character types, races, classes, quests, reputation, and steps for new players to jump in to the game with relative ease.