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As an Alliance player, I of course wanted to write this (as I wrote the Horde one earlier). I loved being an Alliance, though sometimes I'd wonder if anyone who did play an Alliance played outside as a child (other Alliance players know what I mean)
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One of the most popular and successful massive multiplayer online RPG is that of Word of Warcraft, where the storylines from the Alliance Guide: Articles & Informationprevious Warcraft games come together. One of the factions involved in the game is that of the Alliance, a large group of members made from the races of human, elves, and dwarves who try and protect their home land of the Eastern Kingdom.

This guide to World of Warcraft's Alliance classes, provides articles, information, reviews, tutorials, and tips on how to play an Alliance character, how to get around Azeroth, and how to fight off the Horde.

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