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Everything You Wanted to Know About Alcoholic *Hic!* Drinks

Martini With a Twist FDP Credit Maggie SmithBartenders are required to know their alcoholic drinks--what these are and how they should be mixed. Beer, wine, rum, whiskey and tequila are all easy. The bartender serves a bottle of beer, a glass of wine or a shot of whiskey, rum or tequila. If the hard liquors are ingredients in another drink, the ‘tender needs to know how much to add to the drink.

The general alcoholic drinks classifications include beer, cocktails, shots, frozen drinks, punches, liqueurs and wine. Looking at just a couple of these classifications, liqueurs can include wassail, sangria liqueur, Grand Orange-Cognac Liqueur, amaretto, Irish Cream, Orange Bitters, and the list goes on.

Frozen drinks include Crime of Passion, Bailey’s Dream Shake, Pat Quinn Float, Dark Indulgence, Frozen Rum Runner, Creamsicle Margarita and Moosemilk. To learn more about alcoholic drinks, read out Bright Hub guides.

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