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I’m fortunate in that the basic service of my car still falls under its purchase warranty. However, previous cars that I’ve owned together with the inevitable fact that my warranty will eventually expire, forces me to know what to do if service becomes mandatory.
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Changing Air Filter - Guide To Air FilterServicing of your car is as crucial to your car as what the odd holiday is for you as a person. It gives your car an opportunity to refresh its key performance objectives and continue to provide you, as a driver, the reliability and ease of mobility that you’ve become accustomed to over the years. Changing your car’s air filter is an important maintenance process.

In this guide to your car's air filter, we look at a number of crucial points pertaining to air filters emphasized by various writers. You'll find a complete guide on the process of changing the air filter. This is in line with a series of articles on basic car maintenance including doing basic car checks to ensure optimum performance efficiency and improve your gas mileage.

The importance of air filter maintenance and change is continuously stressed in each article. It becomes quite apparent then how important the filter really is in ensuring a clean engine.

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