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As a big fan of mysteries in general, it's actually odd that I don't play adventure mystery games. Not sure why - perhaps I'd rather the more action intensive games to play, while I'd rather watch or read a mystery. Not sure.
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Guide to Adventure Mystery Game

Everyone loves a good mystery and adding a little adventure doesn't hurt either. Adventure mystery games combine the adventure of the Guide to Adventure Mystery Gamegaming world, while involving a mystery as the basic plot point. Many of these games are point and clicks or puzzle games, in which the player has to solve a riddle in order to get the information that they need. For mystery lovers, most of these games are taken from the great mystery writers and their characters or based on actual events.

This is a guide to adventure mystery games, brought to you by the writers, editors, and contributors at Bright Hub. Find all the tricks and secrets you need to solve your adventure mystery game.