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I work with students who have ADHD and know a lot on how to help them be successful in the classroom. It is definitely a passion of mine.
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ADHD Sudents: A Guide for Parents & Educators

adhdWorking with ADHD students can present daily challenges. From the inattention to the hyperactivity, there are a lot of behavior problems that both parents and teachers need to know how to handle in the appropriate way. In this guide on ADHD you can learn successful strategies and techniques that can be used with these students. There are also organization techniques that can be useful for teachers in the classroom. Maybe you need to learn how to increase their attention time during class, or the appropriate way to set up your classroom. There are many great and useful articles in this guide that will help you work with ADHD in both the classroom and at home

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Teaching Students with ADHD: On Focus and Performance

Teaching students with ADHD in the mainstream classroom is a multifaceted challenge. Therefore, the approach in helping the student succeed must also be multifaceted. What should you...