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I played with action figures, not dolls, when I was little. I had my little army men and of course, I was a huge GI Joe, Voltron, and Transformer fan, so I had all of those. It's nice to see that toys are cool again, especially for adults.
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Action Figures Articles & Tips

As children, we played with action figures - toys from our favorite TV show or movie. For many of us, these were favorites like GI Joe orAction Figures Articles & Tips She-Ra. Action figures are still a main product market for blockbuster movies, even if they aren't rated for kids, parents will no doubt go out and purchase a Batman or Green Lantern or Thor.

Here, we'll take a look at why action figures are so much fun to play with. We'll check out the history of the toy (with those little green army men), some popular figures, and why these things aren't just for little boys or kids.