• Diseases Caused by Air Pollution

    While the most visible consequences of air pollution is smog, the effects of this environmental problem are more devastating than what simply meets the eye. Breathing in these chemicals daily is damaging the body causing serious health problems. Below...
    By Nicky LaMarco March 1, 2010 

  • Learn about the Effects of Acid Rain on Animals

    Acid rain can be simply defined as precipitation that contains large amounts of sulfuric and nitric gases. However, to discern the significance of its meaning we should learn about its surrounding circumstances; its effect in the environment and on...
    By ciel s cantoria January 31, 2010 

  • Reasons for Saving Rainforest Trees

    Why save rainforests? Rainforest trees provide plants and animals with the things (shelter, food, oxygen, climate) they need to survive in the rainforest environment. If rainforests are lost, this biodiversity will be lost. Pollution levels...
    By Sonal Panse January 20, 2010 

  • Stash the Trash: Ways to Improve Waste Management

    Waste management prevents harm to human health and the environment by reducing the volume and hazardous character of residential and industrial waste. Improving proper waste management will reduce pollution, recycle useful materials and create more green...
    By Envirowords January 11, 2010 

  • Bacteria in Precipitation

    Besides spreading diseases bacteria play an important role in significant weather events like rainfall and snowfall.
    By nanjowe November 23, 2009 

  • The Causes and Effects of Acid Rain

    You hear about acid rain all the time, but what does it really do, and what causes it? Find out why acid rain is a serious environmental issue.
    By Matt Schelke October 23, 2009 

  • Water- Usage & Pollution

    Water is one of our most critical resources and is used from everything from cooking to agriculture to industrial uses; as such, water is also subjected to exposure to man-made and natural pollutants.
    By Sean Fears September 22, 2009 

  • What is Acid Rain?

    Are you afraid to walk outside in the rain for fear of being burned by acid rain? Acid rain was once a real fear, today people are less likely to worry about the rain and its effects, but that lack of worry may be leading to the destruction of forests...
    By Summer Banks September 22, 2009 

  • “Joint Warrior” International Military Exercise Raises Concern For Scotland's Marine Life

    Vulnerable species of whales, dolphins, porpoises, and other marine life including the rare basking shark could be caught in harms way by the current military exercises involving the UK, the US, and other NATO allied nations off of Scotland's West...
    By Niki Fears August 28, 2009 

  • Antibiotics With Your Lettuce? Pollutants in Your Food

    Environment pollution is rampant in streams, rivers and even in your soil. From overuse of antibiotics to andro in streams, the environment impact that is known is hard to comprehend, that which is unknown is frightening. Today more than ever, environment...
    By SallyOdum August 16, 2009 
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