All About the Oceans

Everything about the world’s oceans including their importance to life on earth, marine mammals, endangered species that inhabit the ocans, biodiversity of sea life, threats facing the ocean, ocean pollution, over fishing, depleted fisheries, energy and plant life from the ocean, and much more.

Abiotic Factors of an Open Ocean Ecosystem

The open ocean is a place of nothing but water and more water, far from any solid surfaces, where everything moves all the time. What’s there today might be somewhere else entirely tomorrow. Learn the key abiotic factors that affect where and how marine life can grow.

About The Abyssal Zone: The Ocean Deep

Thousands of feet below the surface with freezing temperatures and crushing pressures, the abyssal zone is the least-explored and most alien place on earth. But in spite of the extreme conditions, this ocean habitat is home to a variety of bizarre and fascinating creatures.

Marine Pollution Monitoring Using a Coastal Survey

Monitoring the coastal environment for pollution is key to understanding the threat to marine life and aqua-culture from man’s activities. Marine pollution monitoring is usually achieved by analysing sediments for metals and petroleum hydrocarbons at known hot spots and trend monitoring sites.

Little Known Facts on the Dead Sea

When we hear the name “Dead Sea”, we imagine it as a Sea which does not have any importance, charm, or attraction. We know that in Dead Sea no organisms can survive and it does not support an ecosystem. But in this article, we will discover some “Unknown Facts about the Dead Sea.”