All About the Oceans

Everything about the world’s oceans including their importance to life on earth, marine mammals, endangered species that inhabit the ocans, biodiversity of sea life, threats facing the ocean, ocean pollution, over fishing, depleted fisheries, energy and plant life from the ocean, and much more.

Oceans of the World – An Environmental Guide

Dive deep into the world’s oceans for an underwater exploration of the planet’s marine environment. From the Arctic to the Antarctic this environmental guide is a voyage of discovery that takes in oceanic flora and fauna, and includes a health check of the world’s oceans.

Gulf of Mexco Coastline Ecosystem

The Gulf of Mexico coastal ecosystems are challenged with numerous threats. Changing climate conditions and the growing population and activities of humans in the area pose threats for many reasons. What will eventually happen to the gulf life if this continues?

Continental Shelf of the United States

Discussing the continental shelf of the United States can lead to a sticky situation. There are two different definitions that can be used depending on what your ultimate goals are, a geographical definition and a geopolitical definition.

Understanding the Fauna of the Pacific Ocean

There is a huge array of fauna living in the Pacific Ocean today. From plankton to fish to mammals and birds, these species all coexist together in the great ocean deep. How, though, are they being affected by the ways of the ocean and the environment that surrounds them?

Longshore Drift and How It Occurs

Ever notice how the sand recedes from the beach and gets deposited somewhere else? This happens due to a process known as longshore drift that is responsible for shaping the coastlines. We will explore what the process is, how it works and see what effects it has on those living along the coasts.

Marine Biomes: Important Facts on the Tropical Ocean

From the Tropic of Cancer to the Tropic of Capricorn, the delicate biome of the tropical oceans rings the earth. Within these waters, vegetation and marine animals live in a world of fragile balance, often dependent on each other. Life in the tropical oceans relies on the warm water temperature.

Removing Oil from Florida Beaches

Biodegradation of an oil spill, whether on beaches or in the ocean, is a normal procedure that gradually gets rid of oil from the aquatic and dry surroundings. But speedy elimination of spilled oil from seashores and lowlands is indispensable for minimizing damage to these sensitive habitats.