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  • Why Corn Ethanol is Bad for the Environment

    Corn Ethanol is currently mixed with American gasoline and is often marketed as being cleaner and better for the environment. The truth is it can actually be just as damaging to the environment as gasoline. Learn more here.
    By Lindsay Williams January 6, 2014 

  • Will Environmental Programs be Victims of the Deficit Crisis?

    With the US knee deep in a major deficit crisis, environmental programs are in the budget-slashing firing line. Both sides of the political divide are entrenched in conflict, and while financial stability is important, the future of the environment may...
    By Jason C. Chavis December 16, 2011 

  • Asthma: When the Air Isn't Fit to Breathe

    Air pollution has long been an issue worldwide. The effects of "bad air" are taking its toll on the weakest members of society - children and elders. Asthma rates are skyrocketing around the world. How do we protect the air we breathe from the...
    By Linda M. Rhinehart Neas October 22, 2011 

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