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Information About Niagara Falls Geology

Niagara Falls geology is a fascinating study in the awesome power of nature and the fierce supremacy of large masses of moving water and ice in carving out large swaths of the Earth’s crust. These forces, along with unfathomable amounts of time, created a stunning site for generations to behold.

What are Two Different Ways that Fossils Form?

What are two different ways that fossils form? Two examples are amber formation and permineralization. Insects trapped in amber are amazing fossils because a whole organism is trapped within the amber. In perminieralization, pores and cellular spaces of wood and bones are filled with minerals.

All About South Africa’s Land Features

South Africa has some of the most diverse terrain and microclimates in all of Africa. From the biologically diverse shrublands of the Cape Peninsula to high, windswept mountains framing plateau grasslands, South Africa’s land features are both scenic and ecologically significant.

Different Types of Lava and How Lava Moves

Lava is molten rock that flows out of volcanoes. Depending on its composition, lava can be categorized as basaltic, andesitic, or rhyolitic. The different types of lava move in different ways including pahoehoe, A’a, sheet, and block flows. Lava cools and becomes igneous rocks.

Graves Mountain Geology and its Minerals

Graves Mountain geology is interesting as a variety of different minerals are found here. These minerals were formed due to heat and pressure on the land mass during the continental shifts. The site is well-known to rock hunters, especially for its Rutile and Pyrophyllite minerals.

Understanding an Avalanche Natural Disaster

The mountains attract many people year around, but winter sports draw thousands of people to the slopes. Avalanche natural disasters can happen when a slab of snow is unstable and breaks away down the mountainside. This article looks at the types and causes of avalanches.