Energy and Industry

Find out how energy production and various industries effect the environment, what the technologies are that exist today for clean alternatives, how industries are going green, and the truth about the harm of the current energy industry and the use of fossil fuels.

Chemical Composition of Natural Gas from Oil Wells

Natural gas is found in the oil reservoir sub-surface in solution with crude oil. In the early days of oil production, natural gas known as associated gas was considered more trouble than it was worth and was flared off.
Nowadays its value has been recognized and the gas is processed separately.

How Do Hybrid Cars Help the Environment?

A hybrid car has an efficient internal combustion engine for rural use, which charges a set of batteries used to drive the car in slow traffic. Hybrid cars are constructed from lighter materials such as aluminum, the combination of these designs leading to an economic fuel use of up to 50mpg(us).

Using Home Windmills for Power

The use of windmills for home power is a relatively recent innovation, being a spin-off from the wind turbine. Wind has been used as energy for centuries to drive sailing ships as well as mill grain. Learn about the parts of a windmill and the process involved to establish one to power your home.