Weather & Climate Change

  • How Different Deserts Came Into Existence

    When people think of a desert, they imagine hot, dry and barren areas without water. Although this is one type of desert, there are other areas that most would not think of as a desert.
    By Darlene Zagata June 2, 2011 

  • A Brief Introduction of El Niño

    What is El Niño? Historically, it was a local phenomenon to coastal Peru and the anchovy fishery. But today we know there's a much larger picture involving the entire tropical Pacific Ocean and the rest of the globe as well.
    By Kayar May 26, 2011 

  • Learning about a Cold Front and a Warm Front

    Are you interested in learning more about what is a warm front and what is a cold front? If so, read on to learn more about these and the differences between both.
    By R. Elizabeth C. Kitchen May 20, 2011 

  • Learn About Antarctica's Weather Patterns

    Antarctica's weather patterns make this isolated, Spartan continent at the bottom of planet Earth consistently the harshest climate for humans or just about any but the hardiest of species to survive in. Here we’ll take a look at the predominant...
    By Daniel P. McGoldrick May 19, 2011 

  • The Global Warming Controversy Unveiled

    Global warming is set to become the big issue of the 21st century and is already on the political agenda of the major powers. Global warming is said to be due to the anthropogenic release of so-called greenhouse gases which trap solar radiation in the...
    By Dr Mike C May 19, 2011 

  • Technology Used to Collect Weather Data

    Technology used to collect weather data employs a number of devices such as satellites and weather balloons to perform a very important function to our daily living; forecasting the weather. It is especially so for our transport services that depend...
    By Willie Scott May 18, 2011 

  • Types of Weather Instruments

    There are numerous types of instruments used to forecast the weather, and within the different types of weather instruments are several categories depending on their application. This applies to instruments such as thermometers that can be categorized...
    By Willie Scott May 18, 2011 

  • How Climate and Weather Fronts Are Related: It's all About Time

    Weather and climate relate to each other as they are the study of the same phenomena. The difference between them depends on the amount of time covering them. Weather fronts generally cover a short time period, while climate covers decades into centuries...
    By Kyra May 16, 2011 

  • A Snow Blizzard Defined

    A blizzard is a particularly hazardous type of winter storm. Learn about the conditions that a storm must meet to be classified as a blizzard, and what to do if you are caught this type of storm.
    By Terrie Schultz May 15, 2011 

  • How Wind and Other Variables Affect Evaporation

    Students studying weather or the water cycle may ask how does wind affect evaporation and why is this important? When learning about water conservation students will also need to understand what other environmental factors effects evaporation.
    By Dawn Marcotte March 18, 2011 
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