Weather, Climate Change & Global Warming

News and articles about global warming, the effects and causes of climate change and the impact on weather and other areas.

Types of Weather Instruments

There are numerous types of instruments used to forecast the weather, and within the different types of weather instruments are several categories depending on their application. This applies to instruments such as thermometers that can be categorized as either alcohol or mercury thermometers.

Modern Technology Used to Collect Weather Data

Technology used to collect weather data employs a number of devices such as satellites and weather balloons to perform a very important function to our daily living; forecasting the weather. It is especially so for our transport services that depend on the weather forecast to ensure passenger safety

What Is La Niña: How It Affects The Climate

Does the question, “What is La Niña?,” cross your mind whenever you hear about the weather changes and disturbances caused by La Niña? If so, here is your chance to learn the definition of La Niña, and analyze the impact it has on the environment and global climate.