Everything about biodiversity including: What is biodiversity? What causes biodiversity loss? Why is biodiversity imporant? Biodiversity in the oceans and on land. And much more.

About Abiotic Factors of Wetlands

Wetlands are by far one of the most important components of our ecosystem. They not only provide a sanctuary to a number of animal species, but also provide great benefits to humans. For example, wetlands can reduce flood, recharge ground water, and moderate the local climate.

All About the Indonesian and Congo Basin Rainforest

The rainforests of Indonesia and the Congo Basin are home to a vast number of plants and animals, but due to deforestation and environmental damage, their size is diminishing and many species that live there are endangered. Learning all about Indonesia and Congo basin rainforest is important.

All About the Amazon Rainforest

Are you interested in learning about the Amazon forest? If so, read on to learn more about the Amazon River, the flora, people, animals, and all about Amazon rainforest facts that will get us better acquainted with this area.