Everything about biodiversity including: What is biodiversity? What causes biodiversity loss? Why is biodiversity imporant? Biodiversity in the oceans and on land. And much more.

Habitats Quiz: Are You Clued Up About Ecosystems?

It is common knowledge that ecosystems are important, but why are they so important and what is threatening them? Do you know the answers? Test your knowledge about ecosystems and learn more about how humans depend on, and threaten, natural habitats.

Interesting & Fun Facts About Rainforests

The whole family can have fun taking this quiz about one of our most complex and fascinating biomes, the rainforests! Test your knowledge about the many types of plants and animals that live there!

All About Rainforests

With nearly five million identified species of plants, animals and insects the world’s rainforests account for almost fifty percent of the total known life forms on Earth. This is even more remarkable when we take into consideration that they only occupy about six percent of the surface area.

Take the Biodiversity Challenge

Biodiversity is important to all life on earth and it is declining at an alarming rate. Test your biodiversity knowledge and learn how biodiversity impacts you.

How the Food Chain in the Rainforest Works

How the Food Chain in the Rainforest Works

A food chain is a system within an ecological community in which every living organism depends on another body for its subsistence. In an ecosystem like the tropical rainforest, each organism is interdependent on the other, and human activities can easily disrupt the balance.

Importance of Afforestation

Afforestation is the effort to plant trees in barren lands so as to create a forest. It is important because it helps check the over-use of natural resources by providing an alternative source pool. Learn more about the process here.

Unusual Facts about Plants

It is estimated that there are 285,000 species of flowering plants and 148,000 of non-flowering plants on earth and each of these have some characteristics that make their presence unique. Read further to know more about the unusual facts about plants.

What is an Ecological System

Living and non-living things generally move about in the same environment. Their interactions and the way they affect one another is an essential thing to study. The following article provides an overview on what an ecosystem is and why it’s extremely relevant.