Animal Behavior

  • Animal Behavior: Describing the Behaviors of Herds

    In studies of animal behavior herds give a look at group interaction and group response in times of stress or danger. Individual animals follow the behavior of their immediate neighbors. The herd provides companionship as well as protection to the members...
    By Sonal Panse August 3, 2010 

  • Adaptations of Puffer Fish

    Not only can puffer fish puff up like a balloon, they also produce one of the most potent poisons known to man. The next time you see a puffer fish keep your distance, even if it's on a plate.
    By RenePK July 26, 2010 

  • Sources of Anthropogenic Noise in The Ocean

    This article is part one of a two part series on how anthropogenic noise affects marine life.
    By Rose Kivi July 23, 2010 

  • Adaptations of the Polar Bear to Cold Demystified

    Polar bears can stay alive in the harsh arctic environment. However this adaptation has another consequence.
    By jiqx07 July 14, 2010 

  • The Behavior and Habitat of Elk in the Wild

    Learn some interesting facts about elk diet, behavior and habitat.
    By jiqx07 July 13, 2010 

  • Interesting Facts About Desert Animal Migration

    Do animals migrate from the desert? How do they survive high temperatures, diminished food supplies, and lack of fresh drinking water? Some migrate, some estivate, and others adapt to their environment. Let’s examine different types of desert...
    By Donna Cosmato July 12, 2010 

  • Adaptations of the Loggerhead Sea Turtle

    This article will address loggerhead sea turtle adaptations in the various environmental conditions in which they exist. Certain anatomical and physiological characteristics in which a loggerhead turtle can adapt will also be mentioned as well.
    By Tony Smejek July 8, 2010 

  • Adaptations of Rabbits

    Rabbits live in mqny parts of the world and in several different climatic conditions. Learn the rabbit adaptations that help this mammal survive and flourish in varied geographical and climatic conditions.
    By Atula Gupta July 5, 2010 

  • Adaptations of Jellyfish

    This article will describe jellyfish adaptations and how they can survive in many different oceanic environments in both structure and behavior.
    By Tony Smejek June 28, 2010 

  • All About the Migration Behaviors of Animals

    Many species of animals, birds and insects migrate long distances each year. Learn about the different types of migration, why animals migrate, and how they find their way.
    By Terrie Schultz June 18, 2010 
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