Understanding Animal Behavior

Understanding Animal Behavior helps us to not only appreciate the complexities and needs of biodiversity but can give us better insights into the things that effect animals and their habitats which can help us develop better environmental understanding and policies.

A Guide to Exploring Amazing Animal Adaptations

Did you know a star fish isn’t actually a fish? How about this: a Goliath beetle can move over 800 times its own weight. Or this: chameleons change color by restricting blood flow to their skin. These are only a few of the unique animal adaptations found in nature we’ve included in this guide.

Animal Changes in Autumn – Preparing for Winter

Nature has a way of watching out for animals in the wild. They undergo a series of changes to endure colder weather and to be able to go without food for longer periods of time. Have you watched the animal changes during autumn months? What changes do the animals in the wild go through?

Birds of Prey: Identification Tips

How many times have you looked up, seen a raptor flying overhead and wondered, “Is that a hawk…no too big…maybe it’s an eagle?” As more birds of prey wing their way into our lives, the ability to identify them correctly is becoming an important ability.